Range Rover Sport 2014+ (Petrol)

The Tune
The Tune

5.0 Supercharged

Power: 502 Bhp 545 Bhp

Torque: n/a

The Tune includes a JE developed performance ECU remap and to ensure maximum air flow we also include an ITG performance air filter element £850 +VAT
Range Rover Switchable Sports exhaust
Range Rover Switchable Sports exhaust
Allows the vehicle to run in standard “Quiet Mode” when the transmission is in D or “Loud Mode” in S. Please see video to hear the glorious V8 bark in loud mode… warning… it can be addictive! Supplied: £3200 +VAT
Fitted: £3650 +VAT

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JE enhances, tunes and upgrades a variety of Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Marcos, Morgan, Range Rover Classic, TVR and Westfield vehicles, for road and motorsport, and provides consultancy and feasibility study to the automotive industry.

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