JE MotorWorks: tuned up, and ready to go!

JE MotorWorks: tuned up, and ready to go!

We’ve been known as JE Engineering for a very long time – since 1975, in fact. It’s a great name with a great reputation, but we believed that more emphasis was needed on our automotive expertise for our future customers. So we’ve recently been through a complete overhaul of our website and company image …

Yes, we’re still proud of our performance engineering background – we just didn’t want people to confuse us with the general engineering community. After all, we are known for being of the leading Land Rover specialists in the world. So we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new company name, JE MotorWorks.

Under this new banner, you’ll find three distinct sub-brands that best categorise our expertise:

Reimagined by JE will craft complete cars, such as our famous Zulu ‘Super Defenders’, built to a customer’s individual specification to be 100% bespoke. We promise, you’ll never see another one that looks identical! They may start life as a new Land Rover, but we go over every nut and bolt – along with the engine, drivetrain, brakes, suspension, exterior and interior – to transform them into masterpieces. As such, they are the only vehicles that will proudly wear our Double-wing JE badge.

Engineered by JE offers the same engineering knowledge and expertise, applied to your existing vehicle. We can precision engineer anything from bespoke parts, performance engine builds from scratch, drivetrain replacements, power and handling upgrades, and custom modifications to totally transform your Land Rover. Whether it’s a classic restoration project or a complete overhaul, everything we build is hand crafted to the highest standards by skilled JE engineers.

Styled by JE will tastefully upgrade the interior and exterior of your Land Rover for a more refined driving experience. Our styling options include custom and pre-made accessories – everything from understated body kits, specialist wheels, custom exhausts, bespoke light conversions, full expedition modifications, and popular trim options. If it’s Styled by JE, you know it’s been fitted with real care and attention.

To celebrate the launch of our new JE MotorWorks brand and our 40th year at the forefront of performance engineering, we are releasing a new addition of our ‘Super Defender’ range, the Zulu2 – with a limited production of just 25 vehicles, to ensure exclusivity. You can read more about this here.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about anything you see on our new website, or just want to discuss your vehicle in more detail, then please get in touch!