John & Joanne Willock won a free JE Tune by entering into our draw at The Great British Land rover Show ,last month It’s probably fair to say it’s changed his life – here he is singing its praises

”You know how it is, you go to a show, someone says would you like to fill in a form to win a free tune up. You go, why not, I might get a free pen or a boiled sweet or be able to pinch a sticker as you leave the stand, knowing full well you’ll never hear anymore about the outcome or who won the prize.

A few days later I got the call saying you’ve won…for about the first 10 seconds of the call I’m trying to work out who at work is trying to wind me up, but no its genuine as the nice lady on the other end of the phone explains gently to a disbelieving person.

Owing to my work I’m stuck at being able to get down to Coventry for sometime, luckily my wife is off work for a week, and is quickly press ganged into a 2 hour drive each way to the factory.

On her return she is full of info on the factory tour land Rovers she has seen there, Leather interiors, benches of hand built engines, and their hand-built Zulu Land Rovers that sound like Shelby Cobras.

What’s the tune up done I ask, just turn on the engine and you’ll see is all she would say.

Turning the ignition key, gives an instant start up and a gentle hum, No more the agricultural diesel clatter of before, just a smooth hum. The badly loaded washing machine, that was my engine before has gone, and all I have now is a vibration-less hum.

Easing through the gears she pulls easily, and without hesitation, no more waiting for the turbo to give you some usable acceleration. The power starts as soon as you depress the pedal and is delivered as soon as you need it. Roundabouts no longer hold any fear, where as before it was like trying to get an asthmatic Hippo into the fast moving traffic, now she moves like a Thomson’s Gazelle that’s just seen a Cheetah accelerating in its direction.

OK it won’t scare the Lamborghini and Ferrari lot but, it did ruin a hot hatch drivers evening on the entrance ramp lights of the M6, from a standing start, beating him down the long ramp, and into the only available gap into the traffic flow.

The positives are a quicker, smoother faster acceleration, a lot quieter engine and a lot less vibration, which improves the whole feel of the car, and hopefully better MPG.

The negatives are, I now have to get a Tachograph, as the engine spins so freely and smoothly I could easily grenade the engine. Also I have also to remember that I’m almost of pensionable age, and must not embarrass hot hatch drivers in something that in their eyes is one step up from a Tractor, and also the MPG will suffer if I keep insisting on feeling the power on every straight bit of road I come across.

Is it worth the cost ?….At the show I got the price list, and thought there is no way I could justify spending that sort of money on my Land rover for unknown gains.

Having had it done for free, how can I justify my decision for or against it fairly. So lets just say if my Land rover meets an untimely end, and I have to purchase another Land rover. Would I really pay out my own hard earned cash to have it done?…..Without a doubt I would!..Forget the LED headlights, tons of checker plate, winches, and all that…this stage one tune-up transforms the car and repays every time you turn the ignition key on, no more Hippo just Gazelle, and besides next time I get to go and see the the Zulus that sound like Cobras, the hand built engines and everything else on the tour.”