Defender 90 Performance Exhaust Systems

Defender 90 Performance Exhaust Systems

New for 2015, our range of JE designed performance exhaust systems for Defender 90.

These can be fitted to Defender 90 with 2.2, 2.4 or TD5 engines.

Constructed from durable and lightweight stainless steel, they not only provide a stylish and long lasting addition to you Defender but also help with performance providing a better flow of exhaust gasses and also a considerable weight saving of over 50% compared to the standard system.

Available in 2 different configurations to suit your preference:


Straight through system constructed from 3” stainless steel featuring a resonator tube below the cabin and a 3.5” Slash Cut Tail trim with perforated inner and JE logo. To ensure this system gives the best possible flow of exhaust gas we have used a straight through design, however we have included a resonator tube in the centre section to help reduce noise at cruising speeds. You still get a sporty rasp under acceleration, more so in 2.4 and TD5 models.

Retail Kit Price: £ 420 + Vat
Retail Price Fitted: £ 485 + Vat


Designed to be more of a direct replacement for the standard exhaust, this system features a similar design to the sport and is constructed from 3” stainless tubing, however it also features a large cylindrical centre silencer to reduce engine noise to a level similar to the standard system. The tail trim is 3.5” Slash Cut with perforated inner and JE logo. This system still gives better gas flow than standard and an overall weight saving of around 6.5 kg.

Retail Kit Price: £ 465 + Vat
Retail Price Fitted: £ 530 + Vat