Over 40 years of research & development, testing and prototype building for renowned manufacturers

Dyno Testing

Our facilities include testing engine dynamometer cells. Quality assurance testing can be carried out with or without engine strip down, inspection and measurement. We also offer durability testing and inspections, including running mule engines from a selection of stock units to test ancillary parts in different environments.

Engine Building

As the original engineers behind the iconic Rover V8 engine, we are uniquely qualified to offer bespoke engine builds and development. Our engine building services include testing remanufactured engines or parts, as well as carrying out brief tests on large numbers of engines (per dyno, per day).

Prototype Testing

We are known for our highly confidential prototype testing for manufacturers. This includes assistance throughout the early stages of research and development – everything from 3D CAD mechanical design to prototype manufacture, initial testing, developing electrical components, fault diagnostics, and solutions development.

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JE enhances, tunes and upgrades a variety of Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Marcos, Morgan, Range Rover Classic, TVR and Westfield vehicles, for road and motorsport, and provides consultancy and feasibility study to the automotive industry.

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