Range Rover

The definition of luxury and style, refined for better performance.

Engineered by JE

Refine your Range Rover to the highest standards of performance and versatility. Our specialist Range Rover power & performance upgrades include performance ECU remaps and sports exhaust systems.

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Perfect your Range Rover with your choice of styling. Whether it’s bespoke changes for the business commute or a specially modified Range Rover for those occasional trips to the slopes, or fishing and hunting, we offer expert advice and custom styling options to suit your lifestyle.

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JE enhances, tunes and upgrades a variety of Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Marcos, Morgan, Range Rover Classic, TVR and Westfield vehicles, for road and motorsport, and provides consultancy and feasibility study to the automotive industry.

Contact us, specifying your vehicle, and we'll tell you how we can change what you might expect from your car.

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