Hand-built from the ground up to your exact specifications. A truly modern feat of engineering, we literally replace everything that rotates.



Our experienced engineers work to the highest standards to completely transform your existing vehicle.



Transform the looks of your vehicle with custom exterior and interior styling options for your own personal touch.

Over the years, JE has developed the Rover V8 from the original 3.5, being among the first to introduce 3.9 , 4.2 and 4.5 upgrades. Indeed Land Rover were so impressed with the JE 4.2 upgrade that they bought the rights to that engine for their ultimate, last-of-the-line, Range Rover Classic LSE.

The Team

Jonathan Douglas
Jonathan Douglas MD and Chief Engineer

Stephanie Kinsella
Stephanie Kinsella Executive Assistant to CEO

Paul Steer
Paul Steer Operations Manager

Kerem Ozbas
Kerem Ozbas Sales and Marketing Manager

David Isherwood
David Isherwood Technician- Mechanical

Rob Hlavicka
Rob Hlavicka Technician – Engine Build

Eunice Stewart
Eunice Stewart Parts & Logistics Controller

Damian Noskow
Damian Noskow Technician – ECU and Electrical

Daniel Sparkes 
Daniel Sparkes  Technician – Dyno Testing

Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins Technician – CNC Machining

Peter Murias
Peter Murias Technician - Electrical - Electronics

Technician - Mechanical

Julie Neville
Julie Neville Sales and Office Administrator

Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Technician - Mechanical

Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson Engine Builder / Technician - Mechanical

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